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Here at Paterson Home Improvements, we specialise in a wide range of home improvements. These services include creating extensions for our clients, such as new conservatories or sun lounges. Our team has a wealth of professional expertise and experience, enabling them to carry out extension work in an efficient and effective way for our clients.

If you’re looking to extend your home and increase the amount of natural light entering into your home, a sun lounge or conservatory might be what you’re looking for. If you want to find out more about what these offer and how we can help you in creating them, read on now.

Conservatories / Orangeries

There are so many different ways in which a new conservatory can be built onto your existing property. And that range of options can be daunting when you first begin thinking about having one installed. Our professional help and guidance will help you find the plans and bespoke design that’s going to work best for you and your particular needs and preferences. We start by listening to what you want and taking things from there.

We’re careful to work within a budget and strive to find a conservatory design that’s going to meet your needs without exceeding your budget. From gable front designs to Victorian style conservatories and plenty else in between, there are so many ways to approach this kind of extension, and with our help, you can be sure that the finished product is up to scratch and able to deliver on what you were looking for and expecting.

Solid, glass, polycarbonate or combination roofs are all available to suit all tastes and requirements.

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Sun lounges

One particular approach that you might want to explore is the sun lounge, as we’ve mentioned previously. They focus on allowing as much natural light into the space as possible. They’ve been popular for many decades and remain one of the most appealing types of home extension that people consider when they want to create an extra space in their homes.

One of the things that people like most about sun lounges is their affordability compared to other kinds of home extension. They’re very simple and cost effective options and they can be adapted to all kinds of homes. They work very well in contemporary spaces with the right kinds of doors and bespoke roof configurations. They’re usually simple and unfussy, but that’s increasingly what people love most about them. Extra light and space in the home is always valuable and desirable.

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If you’re interested in having either a sun lounge or conservatory created on your property, be sure to contact our team here at Paterson Home Improvements today. In doing so, you’ll be able to have your questions answered and find out more about what it might involve. Our team has the experience and expertise to help you find the answers you’re looking for. And we’ll be able to provide you with a quote for the work you’re looking to have carried out before you make any commitments.

We can also obtain any planning permissions, building warrant & structural engineer’s reports required which we find most of our customers prefer to have taken care of as part of the service.


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