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Extensions, porches & loft conversions ideas

There are several types of loft conversions, extensions, and porches to choose from. They include:

Dormer loft conversion

A dormer loft conversion is added to increase the roof space and still provide a full head height. The additional space can be a study room, home office, bedroom, a nursery, or a separate bathroom. You may also consider having a separate dressing room adjacent to the master bedroom.

There are different dormer styles to suit every home. they include;

  • Shed dormer- This is often a flat roof sloping down.
  • L-shaped dormer – This dormer usually has two parts touched on above to form an L shape.
  • Flat roof dormer – This is a dormer where the flat roof sits horizontally.
  • Dog-house dormer- The roof has two pitched sides resembling a classic dog house.
  • Hipped roof dormer- It's similar to the dog-house dormer, but it's three-sided instead of two-sided.

Ideally, any home with a loft space and a pitched roof can have a dormer.

Loft conversion Edinburgh
Dormer loft conversion Edinburgh

Hip to gable loft

The hip to gable loft conversion provides a solution for a property with space-inhibiting roofs. This small loft conversion adds an extra room to a hipped roof. You can extend the headroom with this loft conversion to allow you to make better use of the floor space.

Mansard loft

A mansard loft conversion is where one or both slopes of a roof get replaced with a new, stunning structure with extremely steep sloping sides. This loft design is used where the initial roof has no or little headroom. However, this design may need planning permission.

Bungalow loft

Bungalow loft conversions are increasingly becoming popular. Adding an office space, a cinema room, or an extra bedroom on top of your bungalow has never been this easy. However, with this design, you're not allowed to increase or raise the height of your roof.


Many homeowners are looking forward to boosting the appeal of their homes with house extensions. When it comes to house extensions, you need to consider several options like designers, architects, house extension cost, and the value it will bring to your property. Some of the house extension ideas include:

  • Front house extension - It allows you to add a front door and a host of other features. You can customize the space with roofing and windows to create a space that suits your needs and style.
  • Detached or Semi-detached house extension – This is any enlargement such as side, rear, and loft conversions added to your property.
  • Terraced house extension – Terrace houses do not have space in the modern world, but you can add a touch of style with terrace extension. You can add an extension to a terraced home to gain extra space.
  • Back of house extension - Also known as rear extension, the back of the house extension comes in all sizes and shapes, and it can drastically increase both value and space in any home. This house extension design can transform an uninspiring home into something intriguing.
home extensions edinburgh
property extensions edinburgh


The porch is the face of your home. It’s the first thing that guests see when they approach your home. There is a variety of porches, such as:

Building an extension,porch or loft conversion brings a plethora of benefits to boost your home's value and aesthetics. You're able to transform a wasted, cluttered area into a tranquil space to suit your needs.

If you want to add a bespoke extension,porch or loft conversion then feel free to contact us. Our team will offer a free survey and free quote.


extensions and loft conversions
extensions and loft conversions
extensions and loft conversions
extensions and loft conversions
extensions and loft conversions
extensions and loft conversions

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