Garage Conversions Edinburgh

Garage Conversions Edinburgh

Here at Paterson Home Improvements, we specialise in a wide range of home improvements. These include carrying out garage conversions of all kinds. Our team has the professional expertise and experience necessary to take on all kinds of home improvement challenges, and you can rely on us to successfully convert your garage.

Maybe you’re looking to increase the amount of space available to you or make use of a disused area on your property. Many homeowners choose to convert their garage into an annex or granny flat that can be used for visitors or family members. Whatever you’re looking to achieve with your garage conversion, we’re ready to assist you with it.

Single garage conversion

Single garage conversions are relatively small but add a substantial amount of square footage to your property, creating a whole new functional space. They can be turned into an office or a new bedroom, or pretty much whatever you want the space to offer.

That extra 150 square feet or so can become a utility room, play room for the family or even a new kitchen or bathroom space.

Double garage conversion

Any homeowner who has a double garage that they’re looking to convert has a lot of options at their disposal. The entirety of the space can exceed 300 square feet in some cases, and allows you to create a fully contained space that might even function as an annex or flat on its own.

It could also be kept partially as a garage space and partially a brand new functional space.

Tandem garage conversion

A tandem garage is another example of a garage space that can be converted in a way that makes use of some of the space, while leaving another part for typical garage functions. You might want to create a gym next to your garage space or even a bar for the adults to make use of with friends when the kids have gone to bed. There’s no shortage of options here.

Detached garage conversion

Detached garage conversions are very popular among people who are interested in creating a new self-contained living space to their property. That’s certainly a good option that’s worthy of consideration, but it’s important to ensure the usage permissions are in order before you go ahead with implementing that kind of change.

Gaining building warrants

We can help you ensure that you have the building warrant you need before going ahead with a garage conversion. This is a necessary step in the process as, in the instance of a property being sold and no warrant has been obtained, the conversion cannot be classed as a proper room,only storage which would affect the selling price of the property.As part of our comprehensive services, we can ensure the correct building warrant is gained before work begins. In some circumstances,a Structural Engineer’s Report may also be required which,again,we can handle for our customers.

Very occasionally planning permission may also be required but this is a very rare occurrence.


Garage conversion company edinburgh
Garage conversion company edinburgh
Garage conversion company edinburgh

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